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Excellent, Easy and Quick to buy Flight Tickets from Travel Hub, than any other agents. Travel Hub Staff was Very helpful in my Last Minute Flights Booking. Whenever, I have a query they are very smart in solving and explain in a professional mannner without any reminder. Would definitely use Travel Hub again in the Future.- Meena Patel

I got a Better Price for my Tickets compare to other Travel Vendors. Thanks to Bhumit who helped me a lot in selecting the Best Deals. I will definitely book my Tickets for my Next Trip with them and will recommend to all my Friends and Relatives.-Jigar Patel

Holidays can either be the best time of the year or worst depending on your tour manager. I and my wife panic on the smallest deviation when it comes to our vacation arrangements and I can’t help but thank Travel Hub for making everything picture perfect!! -Jaydeep Shah

My dad is the kind of guy who would call 20 places before actually booking the tickets for the family and always ends up buying from Travel Hub. Our last tour to India was seamlessly managed. Special thanks to the manager - Bhumit. - Depali Shah

I have booked many tickets from Travel Hub and have always been very satisfied with the service. The staff members are very prompt so much so that the itinerary was in my inbox while still on the phone with them. Will recommend them every chance I get. - Ashok Patel

Pocket friendly packages. - Bhavesh Dave

Good service, no complains - Bhavik Bhanushali

One of my friend’s mentioned about Travel Hub and how they could arrange Jain meals for his parents on a Euro trip. I was surprised to learn that was even a possibility as being Gujarati I have seen my parents struggle with food on all the vacations. I gave them a call and inquired about it. Parents flying to Paris net week..!! -
Chetana Soni

I am not the kind of person who would take the pain of writing a review but I couldn’t help mentioning my experience of missing the connecting flight in Mumbai and being stranded at the airport in the middle of the night. I called their 24X7 helpline and the staff member was very accommodating. Not only did they manage me a ticket on the next flight but also didn’t rip me off - Viral Soni

A complete travel clinic, - Nikhil Chandani

Have been their customer for ages, not because I am loyal but because they always have the best prices. - Pooja Shinde

They know their job and they do it well. I have never had to stay on hold for over a minute, The staff is courteous enough to call back if they need time instead of keep customers on an unending hold - Bhavna Patil

Wonderful experience. - Jigar Soni

They add ‘leaisure’ to the ‘trip’.. - Jigisha Patel

My friend and I planned a trip to Thailand for my bachelor’s do and wanted to design our trip ourselves instead of taking the ready made ones. Had several conversations with Pinkal about the hotels, the local tours, the private care hire etc. The staff member’s expertise and dedication got us bowled. Very impressed!! -
Dhrumit Bhatt

My Wife and I were planning a trip to Dubai with our little one in January and started hunting for the lowest price online when one of our friends suggested to call Travel hub - best advice ever!! Very systematic tour planning with barely, if any, waiting time. - Shashank Joshi

I would like start with thanking our tour manager Moiz, who was so patient each time I’d call to ask anything. I was travelling with my mum who has difficulty walking. Moiz was kind enough to arrange us a wheelchair and private airport transfers to minimise any stress whatsoever. Will definitely spread the word… - Helly Bhatt

I have had a very bad experience with a high profile travel agent (don’t want to mention any names), so this time I was both cautious and apprehensive about booking my vacation. Travel Hub proved that good service and good reputation in the market are two completely separate things.- Sapna Shaikh

The staff is very helpful and polite. - Hardik Panchal

Booked our honeymoon package to Maldives from them, my wife can be a little too picky at times, but she loved the resort recommended by their staff irfan. Have even recommended my parents to take the trip. - Archna Pandya

My flight got rescheduled a couple of days before I was meant to fly and it was overlapping with my connecting flight. I was given a call by their staff member Moiz to inform about the situation. They took full responsibility of the event even though it is the airlines that makes such changes. So glad to have chosen their services. - Vishal Dhinda

I have booked my tickets from other travel agents as well but their after sale service sucks! (pardon the french) Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to change the dates of my trip and spoke to their representative Santosh about it. I was very pleased with how uncomplicated he made it feel. - Mudrika Awasthi

I was given a call by one of their staff members about the time I took a vacation last year and asked me if I had any plans this year around. For some reason I was just looking at the prices online and didn’t think about giving them a call. I told them that I was planning a trip some time next month, they noted down my dates and called me back with the quotation I was not even able to get online…these people are saviours! I loved the personal touch too.- Amit Saxena

Went to Switzerland and Italy for a week and although we had a lovely time and tour in Switzerland but had a few problems wiith the extra mattress in hotel room in Italy. We tried to solve at the reception but to no avail, called to manager Bhumit and he made sure the rest of the stay was pleasant. - Ravi Agrawal

Great experience, quick response. - Mili Bhatiya

Wonderful experience. - Kundan Bhagat

Booked a package and tickets to Maldives from travel hub, staff Neel helped us. very good customer service. - Shaival Patel

Inquired about a ticket to Dubai, got cheaper than online. Also helped me with my visa application and took care of all the paper work included. Will definitely use their services again. - Elina

One stop travel solution. -Anuj Gohil

great vacation, memories made… - Smita Doshi

Always a pleasure! - Shekhar

Very friendly staff…very competitive prices - Tanya Sharma

Booked our trip to Disneyland Paris from them and had a wonderful experience. - Swapnil Patel

Booked a group trip to Australia and New Zealand… 10 days of no fuss!! Thanks guys… - Rinal Patel

I usually have very last minute plans due to the nature of my job. Travel Hub always emerges as a savior especially with the 24X7 support line. - Bhavesh R Kumar

I find it very tiresome to browse online and call 5 Places to make sure I am getting the best for my money but after experiencing their low price guarantee time and again, I don’t even bother anymore. - Yogesh Shah

Booked my hotel and fight to Kenya via them and had a smooth transaction - Meera Rajput

I have given business to Travel hub many a times but wasn’t aware of their visa services. Got my Dubai visa from them and had in three days without any hassle…end to end service received..5** - Swapnil Patel

Booked our flights to Toronto from them on a colleague's recommendation and now recommending them to my friends…no qualms trip. - Ishita Sharma

I travel to India at least 3-4 times a year to visit family, travel hub has always price matched and given a better service from other agents in my experience. - Santosh Oberoi

Very prompt service and very friendly attitude from the staff members. - Taanya Pancholi

Went for a medical trip to India last year and these people made sure I had a wheelchair at all times, even at the connecting flight airport, very happy customer, thank you travel hub. -Rohit Rathwa

With them every travel plan is just one call away - Gopi Kothari

Had a trip booked to New York and had to reschedule due to an emergency. Got the date changed to the desired date without any inconvenience. - Sushant Chadwa

Had a day trip to Burj Khalifa booked on our Dubai vacation which was also managed by Travel Hub and the Tour company cancelled last minute and offered it on the next day which was inconvenient. Travel Hub arranged a private cab for me and my wife and made sure what was promised was delivered - Mahesh Mahyavanshi

Had an amazing trip to Kathmandu and India..all thanks to Irfan..our travel manager at Travel Hub. - Piyush Agarwal

Very apt service from travel hub, unlike my past experiences. - Pooja Ahluwalia

Spoke to Hassan over the phone about a package to Singapore and Malaysia and wanted to pay cash instead of card over the phone, Was requested to go the Wembley office to pay, the staff there were already electing me and had all the coupons and hotel bookings ready, very impressed with the co-ordination between the two branches. - Shobita Mukharjee

I have been buying from Travel Hub since over 5 years now, so glad they have a website too now, good going guys. - Mayank Patel

Booked a cruise vacation from travel hub for my parents for their 25th anniversary, they even helped arrange a cake on board on the day…can’t thank you guys enough :) - Rohit Virani