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SIGIRIYA - Sri lanka 09 Nights 10 Days

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Sigiriya 9 Days
Package Include
9 Days Stay at 4 * Hotel Private Transfer Shightseeing & tour Breakfast Lunch Dinner

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DAY 01 AIRPORT – SIGIRIYA (Approx. 05hrs.)

Arrival Sri Lanka, you will be welcome by our Representative on Arrival and transfer to


Enroute Visit Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage - Most important tourist attractions in Sri

Lanka, the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. Volunteers and caretakers provide shelter and

take care of orphaned, abandoned and injured elephants within the park. You can watch

caretakers feed, bathe and help these gentle giants. You want walk with the herd to the

nearby river to watch the elephants bathe and play around in water.The best time to visit is

the feeding time from 0930-1000 hrs and 1330-1400 hrs and the bathing time from 1000-

1030 hrs and 1400-1430 hrs when all the elephants are taken to the river close by.


After breakfast at the hotel, set off to discover the 8th wonder of the world – the Sigiriya

Rock Fortress. Dating back to the 5th Century A.D, this astounding ‘city'' on the summit of a

high outcrop was the royal citadel of King Kassapa for over 18 years. A miraculous feat of

artistry and engineering, its unique features and exquisite frescoes continue to amaze all

who visit it, even today. Evening visit to Polonnaruwa - the Capital of Sri Lanka from 11th - 13th Century contains

some splendid and spectacular status. Lankatilake, Tivanka and Thuparama are the most

beautiful and largest shrine ruins and Tivanka has the best example of frescoes of the

Polonnaruwa period. RankotVihara and Kiriwehera are well preserved large stupas, and Gal

Vihare - a rock shrine, has four Buddha statues, two seated, one standing and one reclining

and ParakramaBahu statue are examples of Sinhalese stone carver. The Vata-da-ge is a

unique creation of Sri Lankan artists.

DAY 03 SIGIRIYA – KANDY (Approx. 03hrs.)

After breakfast at the hotel checkout and proceed to Kandy, En route visit The Golden

temple of Dambulla [Dambulla cave temple]& spice Garden.

Dambulla Cave Temple - is a vast isolated rock mass 500 feet high and a mile around the

base. Here is found the famous Rock Temple dating to the First Century B.C. The caves of

Dambulla sheltered King Walagamba during his 14 years of exile from Anuradhapura. When

he regained the throne he built the most magnificent of Rock Temples to be found in the

Island. In the first Cave is a recumbent image of the Buddha 47ft long cut out of the Rock.

There are images of deities associated with Buddhism all around. The frescoes on the walls

and the ceiling are the oldest here but they are over painted in the Kandy period. In the

Second Cave, the finest and the largest of all, there are 150 life-size statues of the Buddha in

various postures with few statues of Gods and Kings. The ceiling is also covered with

frescoes, which depict great events in the life of the Buddha and landmarks in the history of

the Sinhalese people.

Spice Garden at Matale - You will see many spice gardens at Matale where Cinnamon,

Cardamom, Pepper Creepers and all other spice trees, plants and creepers are planted for

visitors to see them. Spice products are also available for those who would like to buy them.

At all Spice Gardens visitors are taken round explaining each tree and plant and at the end

explaining the use of them in food preparations

Eveningengage in city tour of Kandy.

Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic - ever since 4th Century A.D, when the Buddha''s Tooth

was brought to Sri Lanka hidden from sacrilegious hands in an Orissan princess'' hair, the

Relic has grown in repute and holiness in Sri Lanka and throughout the Buddhist world. It is

considered Sri Lanka''s most prized possession

Cultural show -Sri Lanka, a country rich with culture & tradition offers a very vibrant and

unique show of Sri Lankan traditional dances, in the form of Kandy cultural show. The beat a

dancing from "Salupliya" depicting several demons, "Thelme" vibrant expression of low

country rhythm, Fire and Harvest dances accompanied by Ceremonial Drums and the Drum

Orchestra rising and falling to the lively tempo. As many as 12 different folk and traditional

dances are performed by Kandy lake club dance troop within the span of one hour (Kandyan

Art Association & Cultural Centre features daily shows at 17.00 hrs)

DAY 04 KANDY – NUWARAELIYA (Approx. 03hrs.)

We request for an early departure so please enjoy your breakfast and proceed to


Nuwara Eliya - The ‘Little England'' of Sri Lanka, is set against beautiful backdrops of

Mountains, Valleys, Waterfalls and Tea Plantations. It is supposed to be one of the coldest

places on the island, but is really just like an England spring day although the temperature

does drop at night. All around Nuwara Eliya you will see evidence of the British influence.

Houses are like country cottages or Queen Ann style mansions.

Peradeniya Botanical Gardens - Peradeniya botanical garden in Sri Lanka and one of the

best in the region. It dates back to the ancient kings of the country although the British

changed the look of it. The British are said to have used the gardens to grow trees that could

not be grown at Kew gardens. The large banyan tree, the orchid house, the suspension

bridge, and the bats are some of the main attractions.

Enroute Visit Ramboda Falls -Ramboda Falls is 109 m high and 11th highest waterfall in Sri

Lanka and 729th highest waterfall in the world. It is situated in Pussellawa area, on the A5

highway at Ramboda Pass.

Enroute visit Tea plantation & Tea Factory - Tea is a huge industry in Sri Lanka. Ceylon Tea

is world famous for its taste, quality and the health benefits as well. You will see how the

tea pluckers with their baskets and bags pluck tea leaves from the plantations. With women

of various ages engaging in this activity, seeing the tea plucking activity is fun and exciting.

The trick is to pluck the right tea leaves with the correct properties. These tea leaves are

then taken into the factories where the selection process starts. The fresh and best leaves

are put into the machines for the processing. The rolling, withering, processing is all done

with the help of the machines and a lot of helping hands gather around to do the packaging,

storing activities as well. You will also get the chance to taste a fresh cup of tea straight from

the factory and you will definitely love it


After breakfast at the hotel we proceed on city tour of Nuwaraeliya.

Hakgala Botanical Gardens -is one of the five botanical gardens in Sri Lanka. The garden was

established in 1861, under George Henry Kendrick Thwaites as an experimental cultivation

of Cinchona, a commercial crop thriving at the time. Once after the Tea replaced the

Cinchona, it was turned into an experimental Tea cultivation. In 1884 it transformed to a

garden. Since then many sub-tropical and some temperate plants were planted in the

gardens.In the folklores, it says Sri Lankan demon King Ravana after abducting Sita, kept her

hidden in this area and area was offered to Sita as a pleasure garden, the place finds

mention in the Ramayana as Ashok Vatika. The area was named as "SitaEliya" and "Sita

Amman Temple" was built on the site.

Sri Seetha Amman Temple - Sri Seetha Amman temple is a unique temple it has been made

at the place where Seeta Mata spent her days in the prison of Ravanaapprox. 5000 years

ago. It is also unique in a way that it is one of the very few temples dedicated to Seetha.

Gregory Lake -Lake Gregory is one of the significant tourist attractions in NuwaraEliya. It

was built by the Governor William Gregory during 1872 – 1877 periods by utilizing the water

from the Nanuoya which runs across the town. It is about 91.2 hectares in extent. It was said

to be used for water sports and for re-recreational activities during the British rule. A boat

yard now allows visitors to go boating and rowing.

Queen Victoria Park - The Victoria Park of NuwaraEliya said to be named to comorate the

60th Jubilee Coronation of Queen Victoria in the year 1897. Originally the park was used as

the research field of Hakgala Botanical Garden which is located about 04 km away from the

city center. It is known that this park was established by planting an Oak tree by a German

Princes who visited NuwaraEliya

DAY 06 NUWARAELIYA – YALA (Approx. 06 hrs.)

After breakfast at the hotel checkout and proceed to Yala.

Enroute visit Little Adam''s Peak - Punchi Sri Pada” is another name for this peak. It is 1141

m in height. Little Adam''s Peak attracts many travelers who come to Sri Lanka. Gradually

with an easy hike up to the mountain of Little Adams Peak you can consummation a worth

panoramic view. You have to walk through lush green tea plantations, waterfalls and paddy

fields while enjoying the sceneries. It will be priceless if you could visit the place in the

morning when the clouds roll in. Further places like Little Adams Peak deliberates ‘How far

Sri Lanka is worth and rich with beautiful natural destinations of Sri Lankan tourism''. It will

feel like a neck exercise for the visitors as you have to rotate your body to seek the views

outstanding for 360 degrees

EnrouteVisit The Ravana Ella (Ravana Falls) is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in

Sri Lanka. This popular falls has its roots connected to the famous Indian epic, the

Ramayana. The Ravana Ella (Ravana Falls) has been named after the brawny daemon,

Ravana. According to the epic, it is said that after kidnapping Sita, Ravana, the king of Sri

Lanka had hidden her at the caves behind this waterfall. The cave came to be known as

Ravana Ella cave. The place was at that time thick afforested region in the midst of

wilderness. It is believed that Rama''s queen wandered around this place while she was

confined. She also bathed in a pool that accumulated the water falling from these Ravana


DAY 07 YALA – KALUTARA (Approx. 02 hrs.)

Enjoy Morning safari at Yala national park and return back to hotel.

The Yala national park - The Yala National Park is the most famous wildlife sanctuary in Sri

Lanka and this vast reserve is home to a multitude of fascinating wildlife as well as plant life.

Deer, peacocks, wild boar, bears and herds of wild elephants are just some of the creatures

that live here. Yala is also known as one of the best places to spot the ever illusive Sri Lankan

leopard and is also home to an amazing array of endemic birds. Explore this amazing realm

in a jeep safari escorted by experienced and knowledgeable guides and trackers and see for

yourself the amazing creatures that inhabit it.

Enroute visit city of Galle - Today''s town has grown greatly and spreads into the

surroundings but the Fort is the slow beating heart of Galle‘s history. The walled city has

stood since the early sixteenth century, through the Colonial periods of the Portuguese,

Dutch and British and in our present times is proclaimed as an Archaeological Reserve and

has been identified as a living World Heritage Site. The etymology of the name Galle is

explained as probably an altered form of the Sinhalese word “gala”: a cattle fold or postingplace

from which the Portuguese named it Point-de-Galle. EnrouteKosgoda is famous for its sea turtle conservation project operated by the Wild Life

Protection Society of Sri Lanka. It was established in 1988 to protect Sri Lanka''s turtles from

extinction. Since then it has released about 3.5 million baby turtles into the wild. The

hatchery pays fishermen for eggs that they collect at night along the long sandy beach.

Although October to April is the main laying season, some eggs (mostly green turtles) can be

found at Kosgoda throughout the year. The hatchery buries the eggs in sand, and when they

hatch around 50 days later the baby turtles are released into the sea at night. Only about

one in 1,000 turtles survive to maturity.Kosgodaturtle hatchery also has tanks for injured or

disabled turtles, including albino turtles that would not survive in the wild.

EnrouteMadu River Safari – Balapitya- Madu River, known in ancient text as Weliganga

(Sandy River) is located in the coastal town of Balapitiya and is considered the last remaining

tract of pristine mangrove forest in Sri Lanka after Bentota. A virgin habitat constituting a

coastal wetland mangrove ecosystem and the fact that it's bio-locked, meaning that it's

protected from outside influence to its native aquatic plant & animals. It has a high

ecological and biological significance, also on record for being home to over 300 plant

species from 95 families and 250 plus vertebrate families. The main reason for the existence

of Madu River is the tides of the area.


After breakfast at the hotel, day is at leisure.


After breakfast at the hotel, day is at leisure.


Today early morning checkout from hotel and you will be transferred to Colombo

International Airport to connect your flight back home.

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